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Since the entry of the Islamic Republic in Pakistan in the 1990s, the numbers of foreign females working in Dubai has increased remarkably, and now outnumber the men employed in the city. With the passage of time, the city’s population has grown rapidly and so has the requirement for domestic help. The men leave their wives and families to take up jobs outside the city, especially in big cities like Lahore where there is a high demand for house maids or maid care personnel. Domestic help in the form of male domestic help is readily available in many parts of Pakistan, but a majority of them are from the rural areas of Punjab and Northern India.

A large number of Punjabis (Punjabi males) migrate to the cities of Punjab or Rajasthan to either work or seek higher education. There are many job opportunities in cities like Lahore, Rawal, and Multan available for educated Pashto women. Many of these girls start their own small business and earn money by employing others as well as by working on small farms or ranches. The number of such girls working in domestic services has significantly increased in recent years as the Punjabi male population has increased.

This has led to an increase in the number of agencies that cater to such needs. The services of domestic help are easily available on the internet. Almost all the online recruitment websites have separate sections for girls from rural areas as well as those from the cities. You just need to browse through these sections and select the agency which suits your requirement. The age range of girls who can be taken into these agencies varies from a teenager who is still in school, to middle-aged and up to elderly girls.

When you decide to contact these girls, one of the most important aspects that you must consider is the reputation of the agency. It would be advisable to choose call girls operating in different cities of Pakistan rather than going for a girl who lives in Lahore alone. Agencies that operate nationally will be more credible as compared to agencies operating locally. Moreover, national agencies are known to have secured good registration and licensing from various government and private organizations. Since there are several girls working as call girls in Lahore, you can easily find the best and most talented girls by doing a nationwide search.

Apart from the reputation of the agency, you should also consider the nature of the business being done by the agency. Lahore houses many traditional agencies as compared to new ones. These agencies that are operating locally may not be capable of providing the right kind of services needed in this competitive industry.

Most such agencies focus on providing services like household chores, household work and general business. Such agencies which have a local presence will also be less interested in taking on cases involving exotic beauties. Such girls will not be interested in running a business of their own. The business skills of such girls required to run a serious business will also be unavailable. Thus it is important to choose a company that has a nationwide presence and which is capable of providing services to house wives and working girls.

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