Call Girls in DHA Phase 5

The city of Lahore in Pakistan is known for its splendid cultural heritage and most famous for its international terrorism cases. However, one should not forget the other aspects of this glorious destination. It has been an interesting experience to know girls from Lahore in their own environment, so that they can freely talk about their culture and life in detail. It is important to have such events or conversations not only to learn more about girls of Lahore, but to also know what is happening in their lives at any particular time. What is their routine? What are their daily activities?

While talking to different girls in DHA Phase 5 I was surprised to find out that most of them were actually happy to meet and socialize with foreign males even though they were separated by distances of more than a few miles. Most of these girls spoke very good English, as did most of those who appeared from other cities in Pakistan. They all seemed to be enjoying their stay in the city and wanted to continue doing so, although there was definitely a section of boys who did attempt to gain entry to the houses of girls belonging to other regions.

Some of the young girls from other areas of Punjab and Kashmir were in discussion about the conditions in their city and wished that things could be better. One young lady from Lahore whose name was Zara suggested that things in Pakistan are not so perfect as they are portrayed on television. She said that she had been very lucky to come to the big city of Pakistan and find work even though there was war all over the place. She was pleased to find her two friends who were working as professionals and treated her very well.

In the midst of this conversation I remembered something that had happened not long back. Some girls from Islamabad and other parts of Punjab and Kashmir had gone to a marriage in DHA Phase 4 and had managed to lock the groom’s father inside a hotel room. The girls had managed to force the enter of the groom’s father who was away on a business trip. The mother of the groom had filed a case against the girls for torturing her son. He was going to press charges against them soon.

It was interesting to note the parallelism in the way women are treated in Pakistan and in the West. Even the name of the country is considered vulgar in English and the way we talk about women is very macho. In the West too it is believed that all men are able to do anything without the consent of the women. However, in Pakistan the opposite is true. There is less tolerance for women as compared to the west and they do face some violent reactions sometimes.

Lahore is an expensive place to live in and most young girls from this part of the country are trying to get out of it and find a better life to support themselves and their families. However, this does not mean that they are lacking in beauty and class. There are many girls in this part of the world who have maintained a beautiful personality and were able to make a name for themselves in the fashion industry. This will only enhance their status and confidence in the social circles.

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