Dance Party in Lahore

From the time I visited Lahore several years back, the capital city of Pakistan has always been a destination of choice for me. There is no other place in the world where I can enjoy so many beautiful things all in one trip. If you are planning to celebrate a special occasion there in Lahore and want to book accommodation in one of the many five star hotels here, then there is a variety of suitable accommodations that you can find easily on the internet. The one that I would recommend you to look for are the four star hotels in Lahore.

The Carnival season in Lahore is in the beginning of August and at that time the streets are filled with people enjoying the carnival mood. In addition to that, the security in the city is also very high as the preparations for the International Yoga Festival are underway. In such a scenario, it is expected that many people will be checking in at these hotels to have their vacations and to enjoy themselves. At the same time, there is a very high probability that they will be carrying some drugs and either end up in jail or get themselves arrested by the Punjab Police or the Border Guard.

As a result of this tension, a major party which was organized by a well-known Punjabi singer and showered the residents of the city with lots of gifts, was canceled by the local authorities. This cancelation came as a big shock to the residents of Lahore as the party had been arranged just near the Red City. Some residents had even reserved tickets for the concert so that they could attend the said event. So, what did the authorities do? They arrested 50 people for holding illegal gatherings and made the capital city of Pakistan, Lahore, a dangerous place to be for entertainment and enjoyment. Media reports quoting law officials confirmed that all those arrested were booked under the PPP ( Nawaz party).

The police made the statement that the cancelation of the dance party was ordered by the provincial chief minister. Later on, the federal interior ministry released a media report confirming that the cancellation was ordered by the provincial chief minister. The reason given was that the party was thought to be held outside the jurisdiction of Lahore city. In fact, the federal interior ministry claimed that they had been informed about the gathering of the party in advance. The cancellation was however, claimed to be made in accordance to the wishes of the premier.

Soon after, the party was called off. The reasons given by the interior ministry for calling off the dance party were that it might create nuisance for the residents and it might stir up communal sentiments. It was therefore, pulled down. It was a complete about-face from the way the law enforcement agencies handled the so-called agitation against Park’s visit. Earlier, the media reported that the government had issued prohibitory orders to close down the park. No one has been able to get hold of the sozo water park as yet.

The latest development is that the police rounded up at least 34 men and one woman, all suspected of being involved in facilitating the celebration of a wedding in the park. Though the details are still unclear, the police rounded up men, women and children of different age groups. Most of them were initially booked under various controversial sections including highway, tobacco control laws and immigration laws. The youngest suspects were booked under the charge of participating in an unauthorized public assembly.

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