Famous Call Girls in Lahore

A place where glamour and glitz rules, and the tall dark and handsome men are king is none other than Lahore. It is the third largest city of Pakistan and is also one of the safest cities. As far as entertainment and fun is concerned, it is hard to match with Lahore. The capital city of Pakistan is home to a number of well known call girls. It is a city that has embraced the modern era and is one of the best places to visit for a special occasion or a vacation. Some of the famous call girls in Lahore are described below:

Jehangir Badar has been a regular on all national TV shows and has become a celebrity. She is from an affluent family and has a big house. Her looks and personality are just enough to win over any man who is not prepared to shed off his inhibitions. Her charming and bubbly personality comes from her upbringing in a conservative family. Her beauty and appeal is both down to her genetics and her smart tactics to project her image to as many men as possible.

Amani is an incredibly beautiful and charming girl. She was scouted while she was studying in America and has gone on to become one of the best paid actresses in the world. She has appeared in many popular films and has been the face of glamor in Pakistan. Her winning beauty and sex appeal has made her the star attraction at many bachelor parties and she enjoys going out on dates with many of them.

Another very famous and stunningly gorgeous girl is Shazia. Her name is quite a mouthful and many wonder how she maintained her figure and grace for so long. She is from a middle-class family and grew up in a comfortable home. She is said to be an accomplished woman and loves her job. Her kind, honest character and gentle demeanour make her a perfect choice as a call girl.

Another stunning face of Pakistani society is Malala Yousaf. She is yet another winner at school and university and became a writer eventually. She has gone on to write some of the most poignant novels ever written by any woman. Malala Yousaf is currently married to Yosaf Islam and they have two children.

All of these girls are models to be admired and envied. They have all displayed a confidence and strength in their roles that is not commonly seen in women. If you want to find out more about famous call girls in Pakistan, then there are plenty of agencies and websites where they advertise their availability. Some girls have even managed to win the hearts of their favorite Hollywood stars and so you too could try your luck.

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